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Property Management Services

Why you don’t need to hire just another property management company

  • Marketing & Leasing
  • Property Maintenance
  • Administration Management
  • Advisory Services
We have two plans the basic plan which covers the essential services or property & tenant management
The second plan is more comprehensive which includes a whole host of benefits when dealing with the tenant and while managing the property.
All tenancy cheques are taken in the landlord name. And we shall deposit in his account on due dates.
If there are any issues related to bounced cheque or any other issues, we shall take an authorization from the landlord and collect the cheque. We shall then liaise with the tenant & the authorities (if needed).
Our payment only needs to be made once the property is rented & the funds have cleared & not before.

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We provide long term property management services. But we do not provide service for holiday homes rental.
We only engage with long term rentals. We provide two plans to the clients

Advertise Property
Professional Photograph of Property
Drawing up Tenancy Contract
Rent/Cheque Collection
Organizing DEWA Connection & Disconnection
Managing refund of Security Deposit
Organizing renewal of Tenancy Contract
EJARI Registration
AC Service 2 Times a year 4 Times a year
Prep property for move-in
24/7 Call reception
Arranging repairs & maintenance
Invite quote and manage repairs for prices higher than AED 700
Immediate action & payment for quotation below AED 700
Unplanned Emergency Maintenance
Annual maitenance contract for propertyAll Labor cost included. Only replacement of parts to be borne by landlord (Cost of supplier material + 7%). Max labor value covered AED 5,000 per annum.
Direct Payments to Investors Account from tenant
Managing check-out process
Courier cost for tenancy contract to landlord
3 month rent increase notice to Tenant
Courier cost & Notary cost for rental increase
Managing tenant dispute
Attending community management session on behalf of landlord
Communication with Building management on all matters
Filing report for bounced cheque. (Govt Charges born by client)
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